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WheresMyStuff is a very fast, very simple to use, full-featured file search tool for Windows PCs. It will save you time, eliminate the headache of "lost" files, and help organize your work.
With WheresMyStuff, you can find any of your files in a few mouse clicks.

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Intended to manage large numbers of PC document and multimedia files and instantly locate them, Where’sMyStuff? from Smoothduck relieves the user of lengthy file searches.
Busy professionals have too many files on too many disks. Even power users have difficulty finding and organizing tens of thousands of current and legacy files on their disks.

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Where’sMyStuff was designed to speed the process of Windows file search and organization through proprietary search and indexing algorithms, tab-style GUI, a graphical Timeline and a keystroke-minimized interface. The modern Windows PC user is overwhelmed with files of every type and does
not have time to waste in lengthy file searches. Even more important, users want to avoid re-creating documents and projects due to ‘missing’ files.

The Cost of "Free"

Where'sMyStuff? is 60-200x faster than Google Desktop Search at indexing files.
What is your time worth? I bet a lot more than $4 per hour! Using Where'sMyStuff, saving just 1 hour per month, you pay only $4 for one year for that monthly hour saved! Of course, the actual savings would be more like 5-10 hours per month when Where'sMyStuff? is used regularly.

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WheresMyStuff was designed to meet three main needs...

  1. Vastly reduce typical disk indexing time.
  2. Find any file on any disk instantly.
  3. Create any search in a few keystrokes.

...and to provide these essential features:

Who needs WheresMyStuff?
You need WheresMyStuff if you:

  1. need organized, easily located computer files and projects for your job
  2. had to recreate work because you couldn't find that "lost" file
  3. arrived at meeting without documents that you misplaced and couldn't find in time
  4. left private files on that computer you gave away or sent to the shop
  5. can't find your Hawaii vacation photos and your family is mad at you
  6. simply cannot remember the locations of thousands of files on multiple disks
  7. have no patience for lengthy disk indexing or searches

So unless you have a photographic memory, you need WheresMyStuff!

How do we "lose" files?

  1. Put them in the wrong directory
  2. Save them with the wrong names.
  3. Someone else moved them
  4. That pesky installer or downloader put them who knows where
  5. You just can't remember!

WheresMyStuff was designed to help you find your files in all of these cases - and others.

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Get organized with tabs
Use tabs to organize your file searches by file types. WheresMyStuff has graphical tabs for Applications, Documents, Directories, Multimedia and general searching. Each tab retains the last 10 file search strings, only for that tab. For example, in the Documents tab,you might have "doc,ppt,xls" for Office files and "htm,html" for Internet files. In the Video tab, maybe "wmv,mpg". Then your search will only pull up those groups of files.

The amazing Timeline
A unique feature of WheresMyStuff is the graphical timeline. This nifty tool allows you to select any (or all) file types over a defined timespan, like last week; or the first 3 days of last December; or 2001. This is a lifesaver when you cannot remember anything but the date you used the files. And no date typing! With our timeline, you merely slide a selection window and click!

No more directory drill-downs!
Do you keep a dozen or more explorer windows open? Do you forget the names of folders where you put your stuff? Using the Directories tab, just enter all or part of a directory name, and click. Use the Timeline to narrow down the time to search. The directories are displayed. As for all tabs, the last 10 filter strings for directories are retained. 

Track your project files as a group
By using the graphical Timeline, tabs and file and directory filter strings, you can fine-tune your searches to just your recent project files. So you can always see your latest work files.

Music files, quick and easy
With WheresMyStuff, you can easily select any number of songs anywhere on your computer, in any folder. And search by album, artist, title or genre. Then simply copy or Drag 'n' Drop them to your target device.
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What about digital photos?
We know everyone has thousands of digital photos. And if they are from a digital camera, they have meaningless names, like DSC234.jpg., which get used over and over again.  So finding certain pictures can be near impossible. To surmount this problem, use the Timeline. You can easily find your photos by date, say those from Europe in May 2001.
With thumbnails and preview windows - both in two sizes - you can browse your images without leaving WheresMyStuff. And the preview window shows the camera date- the date you actually snapped that picture.

Privacy guaranteed
WheresMyStuff is not an Internet search product. It is a Windows desktop application. It has no connection to online servers. So your desktop searches remain on your desktop

Protect personal files
It is vitally important to keep personal and confidential files out of the hands of others. When you drop off your computer at the shop, lend it to a co-worker or donate it to your kid's school, how do you know it is "clean"? With WheresMyStuff - since it indexes every single file on your disk - you can locate and remove those files before the other party has access to them. Even ones hiding in temp, Internet and recent file directories.
For example, WheresMyStuff locates every single JPG file on your disk(s). So no matter where they are or how they got there, WheresMyStuff will find them for you.

Who's got time to wait?
We sure don't. We hate to wait! Why do you think we invented WheresMyStuff?  We also hate to "learn" software - we just want to type a few letters and click. That's why WheresMyStuff was designed to search so quickly. For most searches, a couple of clicks and you are done. And the indexing is remarkably fast as well - 5-6 minutes for a typical disk.

Bottom line
Save yourself the headaches, lost work time and frustration of conventional file searches!
Download our FREE 15 day demo version Now!.
See for yourself how WheresMyStuff can save you time and relieve the tedium and frustration of windows search. Never "lose" another file again!
Try WheresMyStuff Free For 30 Days! Buy WheresMyStuff Now!

What People Are Saying...

"Impressively, the program indexed all 21GB of data on our hard disk in just a couple of minutes. Google’s free Desktop Search took over two hours..."
--- ComputerActive magazine, June 24, 2010
WheresMyStuff review in Computer Active Magazine,
June 24, 2010

WheresMyStuff review in PCMag AppScout,
April, 23 2010

WheresMyStuff on Yahoo! News,
December 15, 2009

James. M. from Bend, OR:
"This Timeline feature works great for JPGs! Using it, I found several hundred pictures from our employee picnic that I thought were gone forever!"

Fletcher. S. from Miami, FL:
"This is great, now I can easily keep track of my work files, no matter where they are on my computer. I just search using the filter string ‘ DOC, PPT, JPG’ and set the Timeline to ‘Yesterday’. It's that simple!"

David. C. from San Jose, CA:
"My disk was running very slowly and I realized I only had 10% disk space. With WheresMyStuff, I just search using a large number for file size and, Bingo! It instantly finds the biggest files wherever they are on the disk – no more tedious folder searching for me!"

Ellen. F. from San Francisco, CA:
"I am a web developer and software programmer. So I need to access dozens of folders at once. And I hate constantly drilling down to find them. With WheresMyStuff?, I use the Directories tab to keep track of my folders. Now I just pick a folder name and click. And there it is!"