Try WheresMyStuff 15-day Demo

WheresMyStuff Demo Undergoing Upgrade and Not Available Now. Please Check Back 2/15/15

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Accuracy: finds ALL files on your disks
  • Speed: 2-10 minutes to index disk; 1 second to search;
    60-200X faster than Google!
  • UI: simple UI takes only a few clicks to search
  • Music: search and organize MP3 files by artist, album, title genre
  • Photos: instantly locate all images and view full-size and thumbnails by timeline
  • Privacy: Easily locate and remove personal files when needed
The demo version of WheresMyStuff has few restrictions:

   •  It will index only the C:\ drive.
   •  It will function for only 15 days after install.

But it will index every single file on your C:/ drive and allow you to use all of the
search features including Tabs and Timeline plus Skins, Thumbnails and MP3 tag search. You will find it very useful and will quickly gain an appreciation for it's power to simplify your search tasks and save you time.
Thanks for trying our product.

Note: Download link and unlock key for WheresMyStuff will be sent to the email you enter.

What People Are Saying...

"Impressively, the program indexed all 21GB of data on our hard disk in just a couple of minutes. Google’s free Desktop Search took over two hours..."
--- ComputerActive magazine, June 24, 2010
James. M. from Bend, OR:
"This timeline feature works great for JPGs! Using it, I found several hundred pictures from our employee picnic that I thought were gone forever!"

Fletcher. S. from Miami, FL:
"This is great, now I can easily keep track of my work files, no matter where they are on my computer. I just search using the filter string ‘ DOC, PPT, JPG’ and set the timeline to ‘Yesterday’. It's that simple!"

David. C. from San Jose, CA:
"My disk was running very slowly and I realized I only had 10% disk space. With Where’sMyStuff, I just search using a large number for file size and, Bingo! It instantly finds the biggest files wherever they are on the disk – no more tedious folder searching for me!"

Ellen. F. from San Francisco, CA:
"I am a web developer and software programmer. So I need to access dozens of folders at once. And I hate constantly drilling down to find them. With Where’sMyStuff?, I use the Directories tab to keep track of my folders. Now I just pick a folder name and click. And there it is!"