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WheresMyStuff? Finds Every File on Your Disks, FAST!

Busy professionals have too many files on too many disks. Even power users have difficulty finding and organizing tens of thousands of current and legacy files on their disks. Where’sMyStuff was designed to speed the process of Windows file search and organization through proprietary search and indexing algorithms, tab-style GUI, a graphical Timeline and a keystroke-minimized interface.

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Key Features and Benefits:



With WheresMyStuff you don't need to remember where you saved a file. Nor do you need to remember the filename. This is because WheresMyStuff finds your files by looking at a combination of file times, file type, and other file filters.

TIMELINE: Often, you can find your files using the Timeline alone. The Timeline makes it simple to find "lost" files. For example, if you know you saved some files in July or August, set the time period button to 'Months' and the timespan window to cover July/August. Then press Search, and your files are displayed instantly. You can set the time period to Days, Weeks, Months, Years, or Any Time.

TABS: Use tabs to help organize your files. Each tab saves up to 10 filter strings for each filter for that tab - like file name, type or size.
With tabs, you can easily view your project files as a group. This is very handy when you are working on a project, over time, composed of many files and file types. For documents you might use 'doc,pdf,txt'; for multimedia, maybe 'png, jpg, flv, mpg'; for Audio, 'mp3,mp4'. If you are a programmer, 'c, cpp, h'. Aside from files, you can search for any folder(s) in the Directory tab.

FILTERS: Narrow your searches with filters. Depending on the tab selected, filter by file name, type, size, directory, or MP3 tag. Up to ten search strings entered in the filters are automatically saved for each tab.

THUMBNAILS/VIEWER: To see thumbnail images of your photo search, use the Thumbnails tab. Thumbnails can be viewed in both small and medium sizes. WheresMyStuff even has a built-in preview window that will display larger versions of the selected image in two sizes. To see the preview image, select a thumbnail by mouse click, arrow keys or just hold your mouse over the thumbnail and the viewer will display the larger image. You can also see the camera date (the date the picture was taken) in the preview window title bar and, for vertical-shot photos, rotate, then save your image.

AUDIO:Index every single audio file - mp3, mp4, wav, and others - on your computer. Search by all of the methods listed above as well as mp3 tags: Artist, Title, Album and Genre.

DRIVES: Use WheresMyStuff to find your files on up to 4 NTFS formatted disk volumes ... even USB drives and Flash memory.

COPY/PASTE/DRAG AND DROP/DOUBLE CLICK TO OPEN: WheresMyStuff supports these operations on currently selected files.

SKINS: Skins are the graphical look of an application. WheresMyStuff has iTunes, XP, Tiger, and Zune skins.


WheresMyStuff System Requirements

Most memory-intensive computer programs function better with lots of memory. WheresMyStuff is no exception. It will perform much better by using the suggested values below.

Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4 or greater, including XP, server 2003, Vista, and Win7

System Requirements For XP or 2K
Minimum: RAM:500mb; Disk: 20% free; CPU: p4 2Ghz or greater
Suggested: RAM:1gb or more; Disk : 100gb+ SATA drive 20%+ free; CPU: Core2 Duo 2Ghz+

System Requirements For Vista/Win7
Minimum: RAM:2Gb or more; Disk: 150gb SATA 20%+  free; CPU: Core2 Duo 3Ghz or greater
Suggested: RAM: 4Gb or more; Disk : 250gb+ SATA drive 20%+ free; CPU: Quad Core 3Ghz+


Try WheresMyStuff Free For 30 Days! Buy WheresMyStuff Now!

What People Are Saying...

"Impressively, the program indexed all 21GB of data on our hard disk in just a couple of minutes. Google’s free Desktop Search took over two hours..."
--- ComputerActive magazine, June 24, 2010
WheresMyStuff review in Computer Active Magazine,
June 24, 2010

WheresMyStuff on AppScout,
April, 23 2010

WheresMyStuff on Yahoo! News,
December 15, 2009

James. M. from Bend, OR:
"This Timeline feature works great for JPGs! Using it, I found several hundred pictures from our employee picnic that I thought were gone forever!"

Fletcher. S. from Miami, FL:
"This is great, now I can easily keep track of my work files, no matter where they are on my computer. I just search using the filter string ‘ DOC, PPT, JPG’ and set the Timeline to ‘Yesterday’. It's that simple!"

David. C. from San Jose, CA:
"My disk was running very slowly and I realized I only had 10% disk space. With WheresMyStuff, I just search using a large number for file size and, Bingo! It instantly finds the biggest files wherever they are on the disk – no more tedious folder searching for me!"

Ellen. F. from San Francisco, CA:
"I am a web developer and software programmer. So I need to access dozens of folders at once. And I hate constantly drilling down to find them. With WheresMyStuff?, I use the Directories tab to keep track of my folders. Now I just pick a folder name and click. And there it is!"