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Scenario 23: Find Hawaii Pictures

Sarah F. from Plainview, OH contacted us with the question, "I want to find my pictures from our family trip to Hawaii last summer. I don't remember where they are and all of my pictures are named with some unintuitive number, like IMG_1057.JPG or similar. Can WheresMyStuff help?"

You bet, do a time-based search with WheresMyStuff. Move the time range selectors to cover the time you were in Hawaii, enter 'jpg' in the filetype filter, select the disk and press Search. Make sure to set the time period (Weeks, Months, etc.) below the ruler to get the correct time range.
If you are unsure of the time, simply select a larger timespan, or pick 'Any Time'. If you are uncertain which disk they are on, search each disk, one at a time. It still will only take you a few seconds.


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What People Are Saying...

David C. from, San Jose, CA:
"My disk was running very slowly and I realized I only had 10% disk space. With WheresMyStuff, I just search using a large number for file size and, Bingo! It instantly finds the biggest files wherever they are on the disk - no more tedious folder searching for me!"