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Scenario 9: Find All Work Files

Jenny C. from Seattle, WA asked us, "Being a multimedia producer, I work with many different types of files in different directories every day. I have video editor files, video content files, voiceover audio files, script files, and that is only a few. Is there a way to view and keep track of all of them in one window, regardless of where they are on my drive?"

Go to your Search Any tab. Set your filter for anything bigger than 5kb (everything), select your disk then set your time selectors to cover yesterday and press Search. All of the files you actively used yesterday will appear in the window. Double-click the file to launch as you normally do.
When using WheresMyStuff in this mode, re-index your work drive every morning.


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What People Are Saying...

James M. from Bend, OR:
"This timeline feature works great for JPGs! Using it, I found several hundred pictures from our employee picnic that I thought were gone forever!"