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Scenario 47: Find Pics Of Grandkids

Ward P. from Madison, WI contacted us with the question, "I loaded the pictures I just took of my grandkids onto my computer last week but I don't remember where I put them. Is there a quicker way to find them without looking through every single folder?"

Of course. Go to the Multimedia tab and then pick either the Images tab to see file names or the Thumbnails tab to see the images themselves (see below). If the images from your camera are JPEG (and most of them are), type JPG in the File filter to narrow the display to JPEG files only. Then set your Timeline selectors to cover last week and press Search. You will see all JPEG files that were loaded onto the selected disk last week. If you don't see them, select another disk or expand your timespan.


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What People Are Saying...

Fletcher S. from Miami, FL:
"This is great, now I can easily keep track of my work files, no matter where they are on my computer. I just search using the filter string 'DOC, PPT, JPG', set 'Days', set the timespan to yesterday and click Search. It's that simple!"